Our NBE Pop Offs base coat film acts as an adhesive sticker that can be used with any nail product. It creates a protective barrier between the product and the natural nail for easy removal. These are perfect for saving your nails for photo shoots and competition work.

  • Perfect in design and shape 
  • Customised sizes for easy and comfort fit
  • Clear design
  • Protective base coat film
  • Suitable for all application
  • Easy use
  • Nail film
  • No soak removal
  • Great for photo shoots and saving nail enhancements
  • 5 Sheets included

Step by Step

  1. Push cuticle back.
  2. Buff the natural nail to remove the shine.
  3. Choose the correct film to fit the natural nail (always oversize do NOT undersize. (The film can also be trimmed)
  4. Peel the cardboard backing away.
  5. Apply to the prepared natural nail, covering all edges.
  6. Firmly rub the centre up and down, moving across the nail from one side to the other.
  7. Peel sticky firm plastic off (step 5 will loosen this).
  8. Use your finger or an orange wood stick to smooth out any bumps.
  9. Use a nail file to remove any excess product (trim this to the free edge) If the client has a extended hyponychium, tuck the film under the free edge this will stop any product seeping underneath causing difficulty to remove.
  10. Apply nail products as normal.
  11. When you are ready to remove the nail, gently apply some pressure and it with seperate from the natural nail.

To see a step by step video, please head over  to our youtube channel.