Performance gels 5g.

Perfect for:

Painting, Blending and Detailing work.

Highly pigmented and so smooth and creamy, these performance gels have been designed to be a beautifully versatile product, creating the most intricate detailing and the best blemish free blends using only small amounts whilst working thin.

Tips for use:

• Work in thin layers, the gels are extremely pigmented and a little really does go a long way.

• Cure times vary depending on your lamp and technique. Flash cure 30 seconds when painting and creating and always finish with a full 90- 120 second cure when you’re design is complete.

• The gels have a very slightly tacky finish, but be aware to remove that dispersion layer if required.

• This is a hard gel and does not flex, so painting as a full colour is attainable on a hard enhancement base, not on a natural nail.

• When using as a full colour, top coat is required and this will also give added protection to any design work should you chose. However you can use the performance gel as the final design layer (not full coverage) on top coated nails and just wipe off the slight dispersion layer to give a more raised effect.

• Acrylic powders, chromes, glitters etc can be used on our performance gels to give a range of exciting effects.