The main feature of stamping plates is the detailed and varied designs etched into their surface. These designs can range from florals, geometrics, abstracts, to intricate patterns, and even character-themed images.

Stamping with art gel is a popular nail art technique that allows for precise, intricate designs on nails. It’s a creative way to achieve beautiful, detailed patterns without the need for freehand painting.

Stamping with art gel opens up a world of creative possibilities for nail artists, allowing them to achieve intricate and captivating designs with ease. With practice, you can create stunning nail art that’s sure to impress your clients and elevate your nail technician skills

What is Stamping with Art Gel?

Stamping with art gel is a nail art method that involves using specialized stamping plates, art gel, and a stamper to transfer intricate designs onto the nail surface. This technique is favored for its versatility, allowing nail artists to create stunning and consistent patterns quickly.


How to use

Select Your Design:

Choose the desired design from your stamping plate. These plates feature a wide range of intricate patterns, from florals to geometric shapes and so on…

Apply Art Gel Polish:

Apply a generous amount of art gel down one side of your design on the stamping plate. Ensure the design is fully covered.

Use the scraper at a 45-degree angle to remove excess gel, leaving the design only in the engraved grooves. Use the stamper to pick up the gel design from the plate. Ensure you press the stamper firmly and directly onto the nail to transfer the pattern accurately. (We recommend to buff the shine off the stamper for a better pick up and stamp result when using Art gel.) If you use gel and polish for stamping we recommend have one for each product as the shine is needed for polish.

Cure the nail under the UV or LED lamp to cure the gel polish. 60 sec cure

Apply a top coat when ready to seal the design and provide a glossy finish. Cure it under the lamp for the recommended time.

Use a cuticle pusher and nail cleanser to clean up any excess gel around the nails.