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250ml Sanitiser/ cleanse / – Heavenly hygiene- sanitising spray. This product can be used as a dehydrator, cleanser. Sanitiser will remove pathogenic organisms on contact with hands and work services. Usable on tools and equipment. Prepare hands and feet for treatment.

14ml – Suck it up dehydrator. Suck it up is a natural dehydrator that removes any oil from the nail plate. This reduces lifting and improves adhesion. Directions: Prepare the natural nail. Remove any dust using the brush to cover the entire nail to remove any oils, moisture. Allow to dry completely prior to applying primer.

15ml Acid free primer. Directions: Used to prepare the natural nail for acrygel enhancements.

Amaze Glaze- non-yellowing, enhancement sealant, tack free, seals & protects. Directions: Apply over any acrylic or gel enhancement. UV/LED curable. Cure for 90 seconds UV or 60 seconds LED.

Acrygel System Kit includes 

Heavenly Hygiene

100ml slip solution- NBE slip solution this will help to move and mould the Structure gel (acrygel) into place.

60ml Acrygel ,white,clear,cover pink

Double base- Gel base cost